The Insider's Guide to Tax-Free Real Estate Investments: Retire Rich Using Your IRA

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November 2006



Bestselling real estate authors show readers how to use tax-free retirement funds to invest in real estate. They show investors how to use real estate IRAs to combine the tax benefits of retirement funds with the high rates of appreciation in the current real estate market.


Preface. Introduction: The Secret Financial Planners Don't Want You to Know. SECTION ONE: Why Traditional Thinking Isn't Going to Work Anymore. CHAPTER 1. Why Some Retirement Plans Are Failing. CHAPTER 2. How Much Is Enough? CHAPTER 3. Another Ticking Tax Bomb. SECTION TWO: Alternative Plans for Work and Retirement. CHAPTER 4. Getting Rich in Today's World. CHAPTER 5. Saving for Retirement. CHAPTER 6. New Strategies for New Plans. SECTION THREE: Putting Your Money to Work. CHAPTER 7. More Secrets Your Financial Planner Never Told You. CHAPTER 8. Distributions from Your Pension Fund. SECTION FOUR: Strategies to Make Your Money Work Even Harder with Less Effort. CHAPTER 9. The IRA or Tax-Free LLC: Control from a Distance. CHAPTER 10. The Nuts and Bolts of Setting Up, Maintaining, and Running Your IRA or Tax-Free LLC. SECTION FIVE: Tricks and Traps of Leverage. CHAPTER 11. Leveraging Your Money. CHAPTER 12. The Consequences of Leveraging. SECTION SIX: Business Tips,Real Estate Flips, and Power Trips. CHAPTER 13. What Kind of Real Estate Should You Buy (and How Do You Find It)? CHAPTER 14. What Kind of Businesses Should You Buy (and How Do You Do It)? CHAPTER 15. Investing beyond Our Borders. SECTION SEVEN: It's Never Too Late. CHAPTER 16. What If You're 40+ and Have No Pension? CHAPTER 17. What If You've Got All Your Money Tied Up in a Traditional 401(k)? CHAPTER 18. Is Real Estate Over? Conclusion. Frequently Asked Questions. Index. Meet Diane Kennedy. Meet Dolf de Roos.


DIANE KENNEDY, CPA, is a top real estate author and investing expert. She is the founder and owner of DKA, a leading tax strategy and accounting firm. She is also the author of Loopholes of the Rich and coauthor of The Insider's Guide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes, both from Wiley. DOLF de ROOS, PhD, invests in real estate around the world and is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. He frequently conducts seminars across the nation and throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. He is Chairman of the public real estate investment company Property Ventures Limited, and a founder of the Best Choice Properties Group. He is also the author of Real Estate Riches and coauthor of The Insider's Guide to Making Money in Real Estate and The Insider's Guide to 52 Homes in 52 Weeks, all from Wiley.
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