Introductory Physics with Algebra: Mastering Problem-Solving

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August 2006



Get a better grade in Physics!
Physics may be challenging, but with training and practice you can come out of your physics class with the grade you want! With Stuart Loucks' Introductory Physics with Algebra as a Second Language(TM): Mastering Problem-Solving, you'll get the practice and training you need to better understand fundamental principles, build confidence, and solve problems.
Here's how you can get a better grade in physics:
Understand the basic language of physics
Introductory Physics with Algebra as a Second Language(TM) will help you make sense of your textbook and class notes so that you can use them more effectively. The text explains key topics in algebra-based physics in clear, easy-to-understand language.
Break problems down into simple steps
Introductory Physics with Algebra as a Second Language(TM) teaches you to recognize details that tell you how to begin new problems. You will learn how to effectively organize the information, decide on the correct equations, and ultimately solve the problem.
Learn how to tackle unfamiliar physics problems
Stuart Loucks coaches you in the fundamental concepts and approaches needed to set up and solve the major problem types. As you learn how to deal with these kinds of problems, you will be better equipped to tackle problems you have never seen before.
Improve your problem-solving skills
You'll learn timesaving problem-solving strategies that will help you focus your efforts and avoid potential pitfalls.


Chapter 1. The Bottom Line for Solving Physics Problems.
Chapter 2. Linear Velocity and Acceleration.
Chapter 3. Vectors.
Chapter 4. Projectile Motion.
Chapter 5. Force and Newton's Laws of Motion.
Chapter 6. Circular Motion and Centripetal Force.
Chapter 7. Gravitation and Orbits.
Chapter 8. Work and Energy.
Chapter 9. Impulse, Momentum, and Center of Mass.
Chapter 10. Angular Velocity and Acceleration.
Chapter 11. Torque and Equilibrium.
Chapter 12. More Angular Motion.


Stuart Loucks is a Professor of Physics at American River College in Sacramento, California.

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