Learning Politics from Sivaram: The Life and Death of a Revolutionary Tamil Journalist in Sri Lanka

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Januar 2007



Remarkable account of the life and impact of the activist, journalist and Tamil freedom-fighter Sivaram Dharmeratnam


Three Prologues; 1. Introduction: Why an Intellectual biography of Sivaram Dharmeratnam?; 2. Learning Politics from Sivaram; 3. The Family Elephant; 4. Ananthan and the Readers Circle; 5. From SR to Taraki - a 'serious unserious' journey; 6. From Taraki to TamilNet: Sivaram as journalist, military analyst and Internet pioneer; 7. States, Nations and Nationalism; 8. Return to Batticaloa; Bibliography; Index.


Mark Whitaker is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of South Carolina, Aiken. He received his PhD in 1986 from Princeton. He has written widely on Sri Lanka, including an ethnography of a Hindu temple entitled Amiable Incoherence , published by a Dutch university press in 1999.

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