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The demand for equality is central to modern politics. But what exactly do we mean by equality? Does it threaten other important values? Is it a demand we should support or question? This highly accessible book provides an engaging introduction to the concept of equality and to the debates, historical and contemporary, that surround it.


List of Figures and Tables. Acknowledgements. 1. The Demand for Equality. 2. Democracy. 3. Meritocracy. 4. Luck Egalitarianism. 5. Equality and Incentives. 6. Equality and Difference. 7. The Future of Equality. Notes. Bibliography. Index.


Stuart White is Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Jesus College, Oxford.


"A very clear and accessible introduction to debates about equality in contemporary mainstream Anglophone political theory ... It is a remarkable feat that White has managed to cover such an extensive literature in such a condensed format." Community Development Journal "This is the only book of its kind offering a thorough discussion of the value of equality in all its dimensions. I have no doubt that it will become a minor classic in a short time." Paul Kelly, London School of Economics and Political Science "This is a terrific book, carefully and accessibly written, covering a lot of material without oversimplifying. Just right for the series." Harry Brighouse, University of Wisconsin
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