Responsibility and Justice

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In this lively and accessible book, Matt Matravers considers the highly contested role of responsibility in politics, morality, and the law. He asks, what are we doing when we hold people responsible in deciding questions of distributive justice or of punishment? and considers the role of philosophy in answering this very contemporary question.


Table of Contents Acknowledgments 1. The Many Faces of Responsibility 2. Thinking About Responsibility 3. Responsibility Within Distributive Justice 4. Responsibility Within Retributive Justice 5. Responsibility Within Justice Bibliography


Matt Matravers , University of York


"This book gives a clear account of the problem that growing doubts about responsibility present for some practises of justice to which we are deeply committed. It also suggests a novel way of approaching that problem without attempting to explain it away. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in these issues." Politics "Since the 1980s, an appeal to an inexamined notion of personal responsibility has increasingly driven public policy, usually in a punitive direction. At the same time, philosophers have been worrying about the problem that, if human actions arise from natural causes, it may be mistaken to hold anybody responsible for anything. Matt Matravers explains the course of the philosophical debate about this extremely lucidly, but his great achievement is to show how the philosophers' worries bear on the way in which we should think about policy questions. The discussion is subtle, but always easy to follow." Brian Barry, Emeritus Professor, Columbia University and London School of Economics "Matravers provides a stimulating introduction to the complex modern debates about free will and responsibility, on which he grounds an illuminating and provocative argument about the significance of those debates for our practices of distributive and retributive justice. Students will come to understand how theoretically and normatively problematic those practices are. Theorists and practitioners already familiar with the issues discussed will be challenged to articulate a philosophically defensible conception of responsibility that could structure more morally adequate social, legal and political practices." Antony Duff, University of Stirling "This short but ambitious book will provide an excellent advanced introduction to some of the most important debates in moral, legal and political philosophy and an important contribution to debates about redistribution and retribution that extend beyond the academy. Matravers's conclusions are challenging but important. This book should be widely read." Paul Kelly, London School of Economics
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