Playing Around Aristophanes

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Dezember 2006



Alan Sommerstein joined the staff of the University of Nottingham in 1974 and remains there to this day. During this period he has produced a stream of distinguished books, editions and articles on many aspects of Greek drama and society. Among all these, one work stands out: the complete edition of the plays of Aristophanes in twelve volumes (one for each play, followed by an index volume), of which the first appeared in 1980 and the last early in 2003. This edition has been universally admired for the vividness and accuracy of the translation, the lucidity and accessibility of the exposition, and the high quality of the scholarship. This book comes out of a colloquium held to celebrate this remarkable achievement.


Preface; Poetics and politics in the comedies of Aristophanes (Bernhard Zimmermann); Names, satire and politics in Aristophanes (Andrea Ercolani); Aristophanes, fandom and the classicising of Greek tragedy (Ralph Rosen); Aristophanic spacecraft (Nick Lowe); A little ironic, don't you think? Utopian criticism and the problem of Aristophanes' late plays (Ian Ruffell); On first looking into Kratinos' Dionysalexandrou (Ian Storey); How Aristophanes got his A&P (Alan Sommerstein); Bibliography.


edited by Lynn Kozak and John Rich

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Untertitel: Essays in Celebration of the Completion of the Edition of the Comedies of Aristophanes by Alan Sommerstein. Sprache: Englisch.
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