From Mimesis to Interculturalism

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From Mimesis to Interculturalism offers a series of critical readings of key texts in the history of European and American theatrical and performance theory. It answers the need for a detailed critique of theatrical theory from its origins in Greek antiquity to the present day.


Part I Before: The idea of sight - Plato and Aristotle Performances of the mind - Rousseau and Diderot.
Part II And after: Brook and the theory of rhetoric; Theatre anthropologies - Victor Turner, Richard Schechner, Eugenio Barba
Part III: some observations on Stanislavski and Brecht; The significance of theory


Graham Ley is Lecturer in Drama, University of Exeter. He has taught drama in the University of London and Greek literature in Auckland, New Zealand. He is the author of A Short Introduction to the Ancient Greek Theater and has written on theory for New Theatre Quarterly and other journals


"This is a hard book to read and one that makes no pretence of being anything else. It does not offer itself as a sourcebook of readings in theatrical theorists. Rather, it offers a critique of the rhetorical devices employed by Plato and Aristotle, Rousseau and Diderot, Peter Brook, Victor Turner, Richard Schechner, and concludes with "Some observations on Stanislavski and Brecht" and a short essay on "The Significance of Theory" . . . The fact that Ley is equally at home in Ancient Greek, eighteenth-century French and the discourses of modern American theatre anthropology, makes it possible for him to give readings of his chosen texts which are consistently well-informed, densely structured and highly intelligent . . . a treasury of detailed discourse analysis." -Theatre Research International, Vol. 27: 1, 2002
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