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August 2006



When men from the Edmonton zoo fly in to capture a polar bear cub, Napachee sees his chance at a trip to the big city and hides in the cage -- but his escape doesn't go as planned.


Robert Feagan has lived in Yellowknife, Cambridge Bay, and Inuvik, and currently resides in St. Albert, Alberta.


"This spellbinding tale envelops the reader in the fascinating life and culture of the Inuit and Invialuit. The glossary at the back of the book translates the Aboriginal words, while a map of Nunavut and the Arctic area north fo the 60th parallel covers the journey made by Napachee and Jo. Highly recommended." -- Brenda Baltensperger -- CBRA, Jan 1999 "At last! A book about a teenager from the Arctic, by someone who knows what he's writing about ... Fiction that reads like fact. It should." -- Flo Whyard -- The Whitehorse STAR, Nov 16, 1999
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