Touch to Affliction

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September 2006



"Touch to Affliction" is a text of ruins: ruins of genre, of language, of the city, of the body, of the barbarism of the twentieth century. At once lament, accusation and elegy, this work articulates the crumbling of buildings, the evisceration of language, the inhumanity that arises from patrie.
Acclaimed poet Nathalie Stephens walks among these ruins, calling out to those before her who have contemplated atrocity: Martin Buber, Henryk Gorecki, Simone Weil. In the end, this work considers what we are left with - indeed, what is left of us - as both participants in and heirs to the twentieth century.
"Touch to Affliction" is political but never polemical. It lives at the interstices of thought and the unnameable. It is a book for our times.


Nathalie Stephens writes entre-genre in English and French. She is the author of a dozen books, including Paper City (Coach House, 2003), Je Nathanael (Bookthug, 2006), and L'Injure (L'Hexagone, 2004), a finalist for the Prix Alain-Grandbois and the Prix Trillium. Stephens lives in Chicago.

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