New Avenues for the Prevention of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pa

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Providing readers with an overview of contemporary thought and evidence on the prevention of chronic musculoskeletal pain, this text covers risk factors such as stress, ergonomics and fear-avoidance, as well as the overriding question of why acute pain sometimes develops into a chronic problem.


Dedication. List of Contributors. Chapter 1. New research provides new avenues for prevention: an overview of the book (S.J. Linton). Section I. The Need for Prevention. Chapter 2. The prevalence of regional and widespread musculoskeletal pain symptoms (J. McBeth, G.J. Macfarlane). Chapter 3. Economic aspects of chronic musculoskeletal pain (M.E.J.B. Goossens). Chapter 4. Reducing disability in injured workers: the importance of collaborative management (M.K. Nicholas). Chapter 5. Concepts of treatment and prevention in musculoskeletal disorders (C.J. Main). Section II. Risk Factors and Mechanisms. Chapter 6. Why does chronic pain develop? A behavioral approach (S.J. Linton). Chapter 7. Pain-related fear and its consequences in chronic musculoskeletal pain (J.W.S. Vlaeyen, S.J. Linton). Chapter 8. Depression and mood (Z. Clyde, A.C.deC. Williams). Chapter 9. Cognitive appraisal (T. Pincus, S. Morley). Chapter 10. On occupational ergonomic risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders and related intervention practice (R.H. Westgaard, J. Winkel). Chapter 11. Stress in the development of musculoskeletal pain (U. Lundberg, B. Melin). Section III. Early Identification and Preventive Interventions. Chapter 12. Employing risk factors for screening of chronic pain disability (C.B. Pulliam, R.J. Gatchel). Chapter 13. Early assessment of psychological factors: the Orebro Screening Questionnaire for Pain (K. Boersma, S.J. Linton). Chapter 14. Secondary prevention in the workplace (W.S. Shaw, M. Feuerstein, G.D. Huang). Chapter 15. The stepped care approach to chronic back pain (B.H.K. Balderson, M. Von Korff). Chapter 16. Educational and informational approaches (A.K. Burton, G. Waddell). Chapter 17. Early rehabilitation: the Ontario experience (S.J. Sinclair, S. Hogg-Johnson). Chapter 18. Cognitive behavioral therapy in the prevention of musculoskeletal pain: description of a program (S.J. Linton). Chapter 19. Multidimensional prevention (G. Bergstrom, I.B. Jensen). Chapter 20. Problem-solving therapy and behavioral graded activity in the prevention of chronic pain disability (J.H.C. Van den Hout, J.W.S. Vlaeyen).
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