Find Someone Who: Introducing 200 Favorite Picture Books

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November 2006



Another winner from prolific author, Nancy Polette, this title focuses on setting the stage for 200 popular picture book read alouds.


NANCY POLETTE, a well known educator and presenter, has written over 150 professional books and is Professor at Lindenwood College, Missouri.


"Capitalizing on a familiar party icebreaker game, Polette shows a new way to present well-known picture books to preschoolers and primary-grade students. A one-paragraph booktalk introduces the story and is followed by 10 questions based upon the characters or situations. Children are instructed to find someone in their group who can relate to a portion of the story. Using Don Freeman's Corduroy, for example, youngsters are asked to find someone who has lost a button or someone who has a teddy bear at home. Even though the questions are all on reproducible pages, nonreaders can participate by listening to the questions as they are read aloud. The titles are arranged alphabetically. The author, known for her expertise in picture-book activities, has selected popular titles, ranging from folktales to award winners, many of which should be readily available in libraries. The book will be useful for quick, spur-of-the-moment planning as well as for quality lesson plans in working with ESL groups." - School Library Journal
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