Social Psychology Matters

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Social Psychology Matters explores the significance of social psychology in the twenty-first century and the important contribution it can and does make to understanding ourselves and others in today's world. This book is designed to help the reader navigate the complex and ever-changing nature of the discipline and gain an overview of the key concepts, methods and theories.The authors adopt a broad approach to trace the roots and legacies of social psychology with a keen eye to the future. Each chapter provides an in-depth look at a social psychological topic of significance, ranging from self and conflict to families and embodiment. Four theoretical perspectives - cognitive social, discursive psychological, phenomenological and social psychoanalytic - enable students to critically analyse social psychological research. These perspectives are interpreted through the interrogative themes of:
  • Individual-society dualism
  • Agency-structure dualism
  • Situated knowledges
  • Power relations
This stimulating and accessible text uses real-life experience to demonstrate why social psychology matters and how our understanding of these topics can be continually enhanced and constructively applied.


Introduction: Navigating social psychologySocial psychology: Past and present
Methods and knowledge in social psychology
Prejudice, conflict and conflict reduction
Conclusion: Social psychology mattersAcknowledgements


Wendy is Professor of Psychology at The Open University.
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