Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner

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November 2006



Three professional artists explain all the basic watercolor techniques in this step-by-step guide containing all the information new artists need to get started painting. Television artist Alwyn Crawshaw demonstrates basic techniques including brushstrokes, color mixing, making objects look 3-D, depicting distance and foreground, painting simple buildings, and painting fruit, vegetables, flowers, skies, trees, landscapes, and coastlines. Lecturer and writer Sharon Finmark explains how to paint realistic figures, including scale and proportion, mixing convincing skin tones, painting from photographs, painting single figures, painting people in groups, and depicting movement and light. Painter and teacher Trevor Waugh demonstrates techniques for painting domestic, farmyard, and wild animals. Starting with simple shapes, Trevor takes new artists through the rudiments of 3-D shapes, tone and color, texture and pattern, individual animal features, and movement.""


Alwyn Crawshaw is the author of over 25 titles on art instruction and is the Founder of the Society of Amateur Artists, past President of the National Acrylic Painters Association and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Sharon Finmark is an experienced art teacher in all media but with specialism in life drawing. She has written several books on painting. Trevor Waugh is a well-travelled popular painter whi runs very successful painting workshops. He has written several books on painting and has become known to a wide market through his greeting cards and prints.
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