Design Theory, Volume II

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August 2010



This volume concludes the second edition of the standard text on design theory. Since the first edition there has been extensive development of the theory and this book has been thoroughly rewritten to reflect this. In particular, the growing importance of discrete mathematics to many parts of engineering and science have made designs a useful tool for applications, a fact that has been acknowledged here with the inclusion of an additional chapter on applications. The volume is suitable for advanced courses and for reference use, not only for researchers in discrete mathematics or finite algebra, but also for those working in computer and communications engineering and other mathematically oriented disciplines. Features include exercises and an extensive, updated bibliography of well over 1800 citations.


9. Recursive constructions; 10. Transversal designs and nets, continued; 11. Asymptotic existence theory; 12. Characterisation of classical designs; 13. Applications of designs; Appendix: Tables.
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