Service Learning Across the Curriculum: Case Applications in Higher Education

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With its roots in the Progressive educational movement led by John Dewey, service learning is an educational method that emphasizes learning through meaningful experiences in which concepts explored in the classroom are applied for the greater benefit of society. In this edited volume, authors from various disciplines discuss how they have incorporated service learning into their teaching and provide examples of the approaches and methodologies that others can use to develop similar programs for their own classes. The authors demonstrate how service learning can be applied to areas as diverse as horticulture and landscape design to marketing and business, all with a goal to fulfill the developmental needs of students as well as the social needs of a particular project's benefactor. Service Learning Across the Curriculum is an unprecedented work that will inspire instructors to promote social prosperity through the education, service, and citizenship of their students.


chapter 1 An Orientation to Service Learning chapter 2 Psychology chapter 3 Horticulture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, and Sociology chapter 4 Public Health and Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management chapter 5 Marketing chapter 6 Organizational Communication chapter 7 Business Writing chapter 8 Science chapter 9 Education chapter 10 Technical Writing chapter 11 Index


Steven J. Madden is Assistant Professor of Speech and Communication Studies at Clemson University.
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