The Church in Colonial Latin America

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The Church in Colonial Latin America is a collection of essays that include classic articles and pieces based on more modern research. Containing essays that explore the Catholic Church's active social and political influence, this volume provides the background necessary for students to grasp the importance of the Catholic Church in Latin America. This text also presents a comprehensive, analytic, and descriptive history of the Church and its development during the colonial period. From the evangelization of the New World by Spanish missionaries to the active influence of the Catholic Church on Latin American culture, this book offers a complete picture of the Church in colonial Latin America. The Church in Colonial Latin America is ideal for courses in the colonial period in Latin American history, as well as courses in religion, church history, and missionary history.


Part 1 I. Policy Issues Chapter 2 The Theological Juridical Debate Chapter 3 The Ordenanza del Patronazgo of 1574: An Interpretive Essay Chapter 4 The Implementation of the Ordenanza del Patronazgo in New Spain, 1574-1600 Part 5 II. Parochial Issues Chapter 6 The Spiritual Conquest Re-examined: Baptism and Christian Marriage in Sixteenth-Century Mexico Chapter 7 Individualization and Acculturation: Confession among the Nahuas of Mexico from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century Chapter 8 The Battle for Bodies and Souls in the Colonial North Andes: Intraecclesiastical Struggles and the Politics of Migration Chapter 9 The Limits of Religious Coercion in Midcolonial Peru Part 10 III. Cultural Issues Chapter 11 Native Icon to City Protectress to Royal Protectress: Ritual, Political Symbolism, and the Virgin of Remedios Chapter 12 The Woman of the Apocalypse


This volume is a highly useful way of introducing students at all levels to the dynamic recent changes in the study of colonial religion. -- James D. Riley, The Catholic University of America
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