Participatory Action Research in Health Care

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Participatory Action Research in Healthcare provides a guide to participatory action research in the community health setting. It draws upon the authors' experiences working, researching and engaging with people utilising collaborative, participatory approaches. The authors position participatory action research as a vital, dynamic and relevant approach that can be engaged by practitioners and health service providers. It is argued that participating with people is the way to move forward toward sustainable services that evoke human flourishing.
Participatory Action Research in Healthcare explores the key issues surrounding participatory action research, and examines the benefits of this approach for community development and health promotion. It includes detailed guidelines on data generation and analysis.


Section One: Articulation. Chapter 1. Participatory action... what it is. Chapter 2. Learning to learn. Chapter 3. Preparation of community practitioners in everyday practice. Section Two Exploration. Chapter 4. Facilitation: dealing with discord. Chapter 5. Ethical considerations in the participatory action process. Chapter 6. Participatory action and organisational settings. Section Three: Illustration. Chapter 7. Participatory action in community development. Chapter 8. Organisational participatory action approach and development of community partnerships/cooperatives. Chapter 9. Putting it all together: examples in practice


Debbie Kralik is Senior Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia and Royal District Nursing Service Research Unit, Adelaide. Tina Koch is Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia andDirector, Royal District Nursing Service Research Unit, Adelaide


'Whether readers know little, nothing or a lot about action research, this book is a must. I see this book as essential reading for anyone engaging in action research. It can be used as a core text in action research courses or at minimum as essential reading.' Journal of Advanced Nursing
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