Treating the Critically Ill Patient

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November 2007



Treating the Critically Ill Patient is a practical guide to recognising and treating acutely ill patients at risk of further deterioration. It includes early warning scoring systems to identify patients at risk on the ward, identifies the key priorities for care, and equips students and newly qualified staff with the clinical skills necessary to prevent further deterioration and to provide prompt and effective care.
Each chapter follows a standard layout, and includes bullet points and illustrations making this book an accessible and practical guide to critical care. Treating the Critically Ill Patient provides an essential companion to Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient.
* Evidence-based guide to care of the critically ill patient
* Includes step-by-step clinical guidelines and real-life scenarios
* Identifies the key priorities for care


Chapter 1 Overview of treating the critically ill patient. Chapter 2 Treating a patient with airway obstruction. Chapter 3 Treating a patient with compromised breathing. Chapter 4 Treating a patient with hypotension. Chapter 5 Treating a patient with a bradycardia or tachycardia. Chapter 6 Treating a patient with altered conscious level. Chapter 7 Treating a patient with oliguria. Chapter 8 Treating a patient with an abnormal temperature. Chapter 9 Pain management in the critically ill patient. Chapter 10 Introduction to ethical issues in critical care. Chapter 11 Principles of good record keeping


Philip Jevon is a Resuscitation Council UK ALS Instructor at Manor Hospital, Walsall.


"An excellent book...a handy guide to ward staff who do not deal with the acutely ill patient consistently." Science Direct
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