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Replication is a way of copying and updating information in a database. The Definitive Guide to SQL Server 2005 Replication is for Microsoft database developers and administrators who want to learn about the different types of replication and those best suited to SQL Server 2005. The book will also delve into advanced topics like replication of SQL Server with heterogeneous databases; replication of different database objects like stored procedures; backup and recovery of replicated databases; performance and tuning; and finally troubleshooting replication. As such, this book will address the concerns of both novice and advanced users of replication.


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Sujoy Paul is a results-oriented Database and Software Professional with extensive experience in different RDBMS like MS SQL Server 2000, Sybase ASA and Sybase ASE, data modeling, case based tools like Powerdesigner, coding and testing in demanding hi-tech environments. Background encompasses expertise in database replication, with special interest in 2-way replication, backup and recovery, performance and tuning, and troubleshooting. Demonstrated ability in providing training for replication and Microsoft certifications on design and administration of SQL Server 2000.
Sujoy is a Microsoft Certified Professional (Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® SQL Server(TM) 2000 Enterprise Edition).
He is the author or co-author of dozens of technical papers, including Replicating SQL Server 2000 across Heterogeneous Databases, Paul, S., August 2003 (http://www.sqlteam.com/item.asp?ItemID=14443).

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