Creating and Enhancing Digital Astro Images

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Digital electronic imaging devices allow the wonders of the universe to be seen in detail never before possible from an amateur astronomer's backyard. This book clearly examines how to create the best astronomical images possible with a digital camera. It reveals the astonishing images that can be obtained with simple equipment, the right software, and knowledge of how to use it. Completely jargon-free, the book describes how to extract results from the raw-and-dirty original imagery and then transform them into high-quality pictures suitable for framing, posting online, or sharing with friends and colleagues.


Acknowledgements 1. The myriad advantages of image processing (introduction) 2. Choosing a camera 3. Acquiring images (and choosing software) 4. Displaying images 5. Image reduction Flat fields Dark subtraction Image transformations Image stacking Image mosaicing Image scaling and histograms Background gradients 6. Image enhancement Image sharpening Image unsharp masking Image deconvolution 7. Handling colour images Achieving colour balance CMY or RGB? Other problems 8. Handling image sequences and webcams Image acquisition Image quality techniques Automated image processing 9. What is best for... Planets Deep Sky Widefield imaging 10. The pitfalls 11. Postscript Notes on image contributors Appendices Software Hardware + Software Suppliers References Further reading Index


Grant Privett works for the Ministry of Defence in the UK, heading up the Advanced Image Processing Team.


From the reviews:
"This book is packed with sound practical advice about digital imaging. ... The book is aimed at beginners and experts ... . there is plenty of information in this book and it gives an excellent general overview of the subject." (Pete Lawrence, BBC Sky at Night, August, 2007)
"This recent addition to Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy series is chock-full of helpful tips for anyone considering attaching a camera to a telescope. ... I highly recommend it for beginners or for advanced imagers who concentrate on one photographic discipline and need an introduction to the other ones." (Sean Walker, Sky & Telescope, November, 2007)
"Privett has certainly packed a bundle of useful information into one hundred and fifty pages, with hardly an equation in sight! ... His advice is both relevant and concise and clearly reflects years of practical experience ... . There is a good index at the back as well as useful appendices on hardware and software, and a helpful list of acronyms and abbreviations ... . I got a good feeling from this book - a nice blend of genuine enthusiasm and expert knowledge comes clearly across." (Gerard Mc Mahon, Astronomy and Space, December, 2007)
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