UbiComp 2006: Ubiquitous Computing

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September 2006



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, UbiComp 2006. The book presents 30 revised full papers, carefully reviewed and selected from 232 submissions. The papers address all current issues in the area of ubiquitous, pervasive and handheld computing systems and their applications. Topics include improving natural interaction, constructing ubicomp systems, embedding computation, understanding ubicomp and its consequences, and deploying ubicomp technologies.


A Quantitative Method for Revealing and Comparing Places in the Home.- Principles of Smart Home Control.- Historical Analysis: Using the Past to Design the Future.- Extending Authoring Tools for Location-Aware Applications with an Infrastructure Visualization Layer.- Automated Generation of Basic Custom Sensor-Based Embedded Computing Systems Guided by End-User Optimization Criteria.- An Experimental Comparison of Physical Mobile Interaction Techniques: Touching, Pointing and Scanning.- An Exploratory Study of How Older Women Use Mobile Phones.- Farther Than You May Think: An Empirical Investigation of the Proximity of Users to Their Mobile Phones.- No More SMS from Jesus: Ubicomp, Religion and Techno-spiritual Practices.- Scribe4Me: Evaluating a Mobile Sound Transcription Tool for the Deaf.- SenseCam: A Retrospective Memory Aid.- Development of a Privacy Addendum for Open Source Licenses: Value Sensitive Design in Industry.- Mobility Detection Using Everyday GSM Traces.- Practical Metropolitan-Scale Positioning for GSM Phones.- Predestination: Inferring Destinations from Partial Trajectories.- Fish'n'Steps: Encouraging Physical Activity with an Interactive Computer Game.- Hitchers: Designing for Cellular Positioning.- Embedding Behavior Modification Strategies into a Consumer Electronic Device: A Case Study.- Instrumenting the City: Developing Methods for Observing and Understanding the Digital Cityscape.- Voting with Your Feet: An Investigative Study of the Relationship Between Place Visit Behavior and Preference.- Lo-Fi Matchmaking: A Study of Social Pairing for Backpackers.- Experiences from Real-World Deployment of Context-Aware Technologies in a Hospital Environment.- Doing Community: Co-construction of Meaning and Use with Interactive Information Kiosks.- Moving on from Weiser's Vision of Calm Computing: Engaging UbiComp Experiences.- Ferret: RFID Localization for Pervasive Multimedia.- PowerLine Positioning: A Practical Sub-Room-Level Indoor Location System for Domestic Use.- UbiREAL: Realistic Smartspace Simulator for Systematic Testing.- Instant Matchmaking: Simple and Secure Integrated Ubiquitous Computing Environments.- A Wirelessly-Powered Platform for Sensing and Computation.- Automated Application-Specific Tuning of Parameterized Sensor-Based Embedded System Building Blocks.
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Untertitel: 8th International Conference, UbiComp 2006, Orange County, CA, USA, September 17-21, 2006, Proceedings. 'Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI'. 2006. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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