Social Enterprise: At the Crossroads of Market, Public Policies and Civil Society

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September 2006



Developing earlier theories of social enterprise through comparative analysis, and including contributions from an impressive list of industry leaders, this key text is essential reading for students of social policy and public management.


1. Multiple Goals and Multiple Stakeholder Structure: The Governance of Social Enterprises 2. The Key Role of Social Capital for Social Entrepreneurship 3. The Management of the Resource Mix inside European Social Enterprises 4. Profiles and Trajectories of Workers across European Work Integration Social Enterprises 5. Social Enterprises in Europe: Can Hybridisation be Sustainable? 6. Public Policies and Social Enterprises in Europe: The Challenge of Institutionalisation. Conclusions


Marthe Nyssens is a professor at the Department of Economics of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, where she is the co-ordinator of a research team on third sector and social policies (CERISIS). All the contributors are members of the EMES research network.


This is a vital text, written at a time when Europe is in search of its future. Social enterprises represent a decisive tool in that they combine development and social protection for all citizens. Understanding the characteristics, the dynamics and the potential of social enterprise is therefore vital in order to pave the way for their full acceptance. Felice Scalvini
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