Global History

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This fresh collection of case studies is essential reading for anyone studying globalization, world history, transnational history or world politics. A.G. Hopkins' invaluable Introduction places the new global history in the context of world, international and transnational history, and an Afterword by pioneering historian William H. McNeill concludes the volume. Each of the chapters looks at an aspect of the key relationship between the universal and the local in global history.


List of Illustrations and Maps Preface Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Introduction: Interactions Between the Universal and the Local; A.G.Hopkins Value Added in the Production and Trade of Navajo Textiles: Local Culture and Global Demand; E.Bsumek Universals of Yesteryear: Hegel's Modernity in an Age of Globalization; R.Hart The Cosmopolitanism of National Economics: Friedrich List in a Japanese Mirror; M.Metzler Internationalist Activism and Global Civil Society at the High Point of Nationalism: The Paradox of the Universal Races Congress (1911); T.Matysik Talking Machine World: Selling the Local in the Global Music Industry, 1900-1920; K.Miller Competing Forms of Globalization in the Middle East: From the Ottoman Empire to the Nation State, 1918-1967; G.D.Schad Universal Claims, Local Uses: Reconceptualizing the Vietnam Conflict, 1945-1960; M.A.Lawrence Globalization and the Mythology of the 'Nation State'; P.L.White Afterword: World History and Globalization; W.H.McNeill Index


A.G. Hopkins


'Seldom does a collection of historical essays by specialists in such diverse fields achieve so much.' - from the Afterword by William H. McNeill, University of Chicago, USA
'A stimulating and accessible collection which confirms that the future of history is global.' - Marnie Hughes-Warrington, Macquarie University, Australia
'You may have noticed that our species is charging in opposite directions, some of us toward political, economic and cultural globalization, which involves the loss of unique and often valuable characteristics, and others of us toward fragmentation, which often leads to friction, squabbles, and even the loss of lives. If our schizophrenia concerns you, read Global History: Interactions between the Universal and the Local.' - Alfred W. Crosby, University of Texas at Austin, USA
'This original and engaging collection of essays, edited by a distinguished historian of imperialism, will help historians and their students appreciate the complex, contradictory and unexpected forces that globalization puts into play. Through diverse themes that include the design of Navajo textiles, the economics of world music and the phonogram, Ho Chi Minh's tricky manoeuvrings between East and West, and the first International Congress on Race, they show how ideas, styles, theories and technologies have ricocheted back and forth, how the local has created the global, and the global has created the local. Taken together they offer a sophisticated introduction to an increasingly important theme in world history.' - David Christian, San Diego State University, USA
'A remarkable and unusual collection, and not just because of the sheer geographical and chronological range of the themes which the authors discuss, but also because of the fact that this large body of scholarship arises from a single Department of History.. I doff my hat to its editor and organizers. It is also most successful in reminding readers of just how early were the 'interactions between the Universal and the Local', and not just at the economic level but in the world of ideas, culture, language, and material artefacts.' - Paul Kennedy, Yale University
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