International Handbook of Student Experience in Elementary and Secondary School

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This handbook brings together in a single volume the groundbreaking work of scholars who have conducted studies of student experiences of school in Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, England, Ghana, Ireland, Pakistan, and the United States. Drawing extensively on students' interpretations of their experiences in school as expressed in their own words, chapter authors offer insight into how students conceptualize and approach school. The book examines how students understand and address the ongoing social opportunities for and challenges in working with other students and teachers, and the multiple ways in which students shape and contribute to school improvement.


Chapter 1: Researching Student Experience in Elementary and Secondary School: An Evolving Field of Study, D. Thiessen.-Introduction to Section One.- Chapter 2: Naming Student Experiences and Experiencing Student Naming, Max van Manen, et all.- Chapter 3: Teaching as Research: Puzzling over Words with Fourth Graders, C. Ballenger.- Chapter 4: School Literacy and the Development of a Child Culture: Written Remnants of The 'Gusto of Life,' A. Hass Dyson.- Chapter 5: Dissolving Learning Boundaries: The Doing, Re-doing, and Undoing of School, D. Alvermann and A. Jonathan Eakle.- Chapter 6: 'Some Things Are Fair, Some Things Are Not Fair, and Some Things Are Not, NOT Fair': Young Children's Experiences of 'Unfairness' in School, H. Demetriou and B. Hopper.- Chapter 7: The Role of Personal Standards in Second Graders' Moral and Academic Engagement, T. A. Thorkildsen.- Chapter 8: Mentors for Students in Elementary School: The Promise and Possibilities J. Ellis et all.- Chapter 9: 'I've Decided To Change and It's Just Really Hard To, Like, Show the Teachers That,' B. Nicholl.- Chapter 10: Students' Perspectives on Good Teaching: Implications for Adult Reform Behavior, B. Wilson and D. Corbett.- Introduction to Section Two: Chapter 11: 'Boys Will Be Boys' ... But In What Ways? Social Class and the Development of Young Boys' Schooling Identities, P. Connolly .- Chapter 12: Schooling, Normalisation, and Gendered Bodies: Adolescent Boys' and Girls' Experiences of Gender and Schooling, W. Martino and M. Pallotta-Chiarolli.- Chapter 13: Differences in Transition: Diverse Students Navigating the First Year of High School, B. Rubin.- Chapter 14: Building Theories of Their Lives: Youth Engaged in Drama Research, K. Gallagher and P. Lortie.- Chapter 14: How Students Learn about Right and Wrong in the First Year of a Pakistani Private School, N. Vazir.- Chapter 15: Schooling in the Context of Difference: The Challenge of Post-Colonial Education in Ghana, G.J. Sefa Dei and B. M. Opini.- Chapter 16: Ali: Becoming a Student-A Life History, R. V. Bullough, Jr .- Chapter 17: Portraits of Self and Identity Constructions: Three Chinese Girls' Trilingual Textual Powers, X. Lan Curdt-Christiansen and M. H. Maguire.- Chapter 18: Finding Their Way: ESL Immigrant and Refugee Students in a Toronto High School, G. Feuerverger and E. Richards.- Introduction to Section Three: Chapter 19: Student Voice, Student Engagement and School Reform, J. Rudduck.- Chapter 20: Stressed-Out Students-SOS: Youth Perspectives on Changing School Climates, M. Galloway et all
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