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Oktober 1995



This volume is one of a series of research annuals on qualitative research designed to take up issues and debates in this area that relate to methodology, the relationship between data collection and data analysis, the relationship between theory and method, and the implications of qualitative research for social policy and evaluation.


Confronting CAQDAS: choice and contingency, Nigel G. Fielding, Raymond M. Lee; Unleashing Frankenstein's monster? the use of computers in qualitative research. Qualitative analysis and microcomputer software: some reflections on a new trend in sociological research, Wilma Mangabeira; Finding a "role" for the ethnography in the analysis of quantitative data, Derrick Armstrong; The data, the team, and the ethnography, Annemarie Sprokkereef et al; Transition work! reflections on a three-year nudist project, Lyn Richards; From coding to hypertext: strategies for microcomputing and qualitative data analysis, Anna Weaver, Paul Atkinson; Doing the business? evaluating software packages to aid the analysis of qualitative datasets, Liz Stanley, Bogusia Temple.
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