A Handbook for Educational Leadership Interns: A Rite of Passage

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Cunningham provides the profession with the first true textbook/workbook to anchor leadership courses. His compendium and guide is filled with research-and wisdom and insights-that bring connectivity and coherence to this critical aspect of clinical work. In his transparent style and by speaking directly to interns he surfaces important questions, reveals critical forks in the road, and makes complex ideas accessible. And by accomplishing all this he illuminates the pathway of highly productive field-based work for all of us in educational leadership. Joe Murphy "Professor of Education" "Vanderbilt"" University" This handbook offers valuable and comprehensive guidelines to administrative interns, university supervisors, and administrator mentors to collaboratively establish a high quality intern learning and development experience. Perhaps most importantly, the handbook carefully aligns recommended intern activities and candidate assessment practices with current national administrator preparation standards to prepare strong instructional leaders who can effectively lead improved K--12 student learning for all children. In sum, Cunningham's handbook provides a solid foundation on which to build high quality internship experiences for school leader candidates. Diana G. Pounder "Professor and Department Chair, Educational Leadership and Policy" "University"" of Utah" Professor Cunningham's handbook provides aspiring educational leaders with a wealth of guidance and ideas that can help them effectively manage the complexities of preparation programs, especially the clinical experiences associated with these programs. It goes even farther, providing them with solid advice about gettingthrough culminating assessment processes and successfully applying for that illusive first leadership position. Best of all, the book is reality-based, replete with meaningful hands-on activities, and the style and language are user friendly. Mike Milstein "Professor Emeritus,


Foreword. Text/Workbook Design. Acknowledgements. I. INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNSHIP. 1. Research on the Internship and Mentoring. 2. Internship, Components and Course Scaffolding. 3. Reflection on the Internship Experience. 4. Standards and the Internship. 5. Ethical Belief Systems. 6. Practitioner's Advice for the Internship. 7. Successful Site and Mentor Selection. 8. Planning Internship Activities. 9. Confusion, Conclusion, and Assessment. II. INTRODUCTION TO THE IMPORTANT INTERNSHIP TOOLS. 10. Managing Your Time as an Intern. 11. Conducting Effective Meetings. 12. Achieving, Recognizing and Presenting Work. 13. Conflict and Crisis Management. III. INTRODUCTION TO THE LICENSURE AND OBTAINING AN ADMINISTRATIVE POSITION. 14. Preparing for an Administrative Assessment. 15. Obtaining an Administrative Position.
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