Firsts, Facts, Feats, and Failures in the World of Golf

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Dezember 2006



An amusingly insightful look at a complex game of highs and lows. For the golf enthusiast who has heard it all?"Firsts, Facts, Feats, and Failures in the World of Golf" offers a refreshingly hilarious and enlightening compilation of stories from Ken Janke, one of golf's most colorful historians. From the early days of the game to today's golf legends, this book includes the greats and almost-greats, the winners and losers, the true and not-so true. On business trips, rainy days, and any other time you can't be on the links, "Firsts, Facts, Feats, and Failures in the World of Golf" is the perfect book for enhancing your appreciation and understanding of the game, with hundreds of enjoyable stories that will entertain and inform you and your friends.


Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Firsts. Chapter 2. Facts. Chapter 3. Feats. Chapter 4. Failures. Bibliography. Index.


Ken Janke was first introduced to the game of golf by his father. His love of the game grew as he played competitively through college and gained experience working as a caddy. A golf historian and writer, Ken is also the author of Golf Is a Funny Game ... But It Wasna t Meant to Be.
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