Finders and Keepers: Helping New Teachers Survive and Thrive in Our Schools

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This important and much-needed book is based on a longitudinal study of fifty new teachers during their first years in the classroom. It highlights the cases of ten, whose stories vividly illustrate the joys and disappointments of new teachers in todays schools. The book documents why they entered teaching, what they encountered in their schools, and how they decided whether to stay or move on to other schools or other lines of work. By tracking these teachers eventual career decisions, "Finders and Keepers" reveals what really matters to new teachers as they set out to educate their students. The book uncovers the importance of the school site and the crucial role that principals and experienced teachers play in the effective hiring and induction of the next generation of teachers. Staffing the nations schools presents both challenges and opportunities. For teacher educators, district administrators, educational policymakers, teachers, principals, and staff development professionals, "Finders and Keepers" provides valuable insights about how to better serve new teachers and the students they teach. "At a time when expectations of teachers have never been higher or the challenges of teaching more daunting, Johnson and her project team show how the choice to stay or leave is forged in the early months of becoming a teacherthrough hiring practices, pay and other resources, relationships with students, colleagues or administrators, and opportunities for learning and leadership. This book should compel attention from anyone concerned with the future of teaching."
Judith Warren Little, Carol Liu Professor in Education Policy Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley "Finders and Keepers is a must read for superintendents, district administrators, principals and anyone who cares about the retention and recruitment of high-quality teachers to public schools. The book is both informative and insightful, and above all, it in


List of Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. 1. Greater Expectations, Higher Demands (Coauthor: Morgaen L. Donaldson). 2. The Next Generation of Teachers (Coauthor: Heather G. Peske). 3. What Teaching Pays, What Teaching Costs (Coauthor: Edward Liu). 4. Seeking Success with Students (Coauthor: Sarah E. Birkeland). 5. Schools That Support New Teachers. 6. Filling the Curriculum Void (Coauthor: David Kauffman). 7. Professional Culture and the Promise of Colleagues (Coauthor: Susan M. Kardos). 8. Making Better Matches in Hiring (Coauthor: Edward Liu). 9. Supporting New Teachers Through School-Based Induction (Coauthor: Susan M. Kardos). 10. Sustaining New Teachers Through Professional Growth (Coauthor: Morgaen L. Donaldson). 11. Finders and Keepers. Epilogue. Notes. Appendix A: Background and Methods. Appendix B: Interview Protocols. References. Index.


Susan Moore Johnson, a former high school teacher andadministrator, is the Pforzheimer Professor of Teaching and Learning atthe Harvard Graduate School of Education. Sarah E. Birkeland, Morgaen L. Donaldson, Susan M. Kardos, David Kauffman, Edward Liu, and Heather G. Peske are all former teachers and published researchers at The Project on the Next Generation of Teachers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


"Given the current shortage of quality teachers, Johnson and her collegaues remind the reader of the primary need of novice teachers -- access to ongoing support from collegues." (The School Administrator, March 2008)
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