Violence and Democracy in India

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This book examines the relationship between the extreme violence of riots, pogroms, acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing and the ordinary, everyday, often invisible structures and practices of violence in India. Usually, these exceptional, extreme moments of state-sponsored violence are treated as aberrations, quite separate from the everyday world of politics-as-usual, particularly when the norm in question is that of liberal democracy. In contrast, the contributors explore the ways in which democracy enables violence, and how violence in turn transforms the practices and pursuit of democracy.


1. Beyond Exceptionalism: Democracy and Violence in India, Amrita Basu and Srirupa Roy2. The Wagah Syndrome: Territorial roots of contemporary violence in South Asia, Willem Van Schendel3. A Slap From the Hindu Nation, Raka Ray4. Rape and Murder in Gujarat: Violence against Muslim women in the struggle for Hindu supremacy, Martha C. Nussbaum5. Powers of the Weak: Fears and Violence in the Discourse of Communalism, Usha Zacharias and J. Devika6. Once in Rangdum: Formations of Violence and Peace in Ladakh, Ravina Aggarwal7. Media, Terror, and Islam, Paula Chakravartty and Srinivas Lankala8. Mass Violence and the Wheels of Indian (In)Justice, Zoya Hasan9. Communalizing the Criminal or Criminalizing the Communal? Locating Minority Politics in Bangladesh, Dina M. Siddiqi


Amrita Basu is the Paino Professor of Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies at Amherst College and author of Two Faces of Protest: Contrasting Modes of Women's Activism in India. Srirupa Roy is Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts-Amherst and author of Beyond Belief: India and the Politics of Postcolonial Nationalism.

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