The World We Want: New Dimensions in Philanthropy and Social Change

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In The World We Want, Peter Karoff presents a collective vision of an ideal world. The book weaves together multi-sector, multidiscipline strategies, but in large part it is about the power of human connection, reinforced by personal stories of motivation and the human capacity for caring. Without ignoring the institutional and cultural obstacles, and the courage needed to face down the dark side of human behavior, Karoff shows how citizen engagement and open source solutions could tip the scale toward a better world.


Chapter 1 1. My Imagined Community Chapter 2 2. Listen to the Voices Chapter 3 3. Paradigms of Change Chapter 4 4. Listening Post: Reflection and Radical Change Chapter 5 5. Intersections Chapter 6 6. Open Sesame: Networks of Cooperation and Open Source Solutions Chapter 7 7. On the Ground Chapter 8 8. Global Challenge Chapter 9 9. The Conscience of a Place: Being of a Community Chapter 10 10. Citizen Lights: Citizenship and Education Chapter 11 11. Building Beloved Community: Spirit and Activism Chapter 12 12. Generosity and Sacred Search: Motivation Chapter 13 13. The World We Want


Peter Karoff founded the Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) to help donors increase the impact of their philanthropy and at the same time make "giving" more meaningful in their own lives. President of TPI from 1989 to 2002, he is a senior fellow at the College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University. Jane Maddox is an editor and writer at TPI who has worked with public agencies, companies, and nonprofits in communicating their missions, programs, and ideas.
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