The Comedy of War: Understanding Military Politics in the Twenty-First Century

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The Comedy of War is an overview of military politics, strategy, and the causes of war utilizing books and films as source texts: The Art of War by Sun Tzu, on War by Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz, and The Butter Battle by Dr. Seuss; (the films) Antz and A Bug's Life. This work offers systematic interpretations of what goes on before and after war, and the political and strategic implications of warfare. It provides interesting and plausible explanations for the contentious relationship of military officers and civilian leaders, ultimately questioning what happens when the definitions of military and civilian activities become blurred


Part 1 Preface Chapter 2 I. Introduction: The Politics of Military Pragmatism in Peace and War Chapter 3 II. Of Ants and Men: The Failure of Military Politics and the Art of War in Dream Works Picture Antz Chapter 4 III. Demystifying Total War in Disney / Pixar's A Bug's Life: Clausewitz and the Role of Civilian and Military Leaders Chapter 5 IV. The Bugs of War: The Limitation of Warfare and Total War Chapter 6 V. Implications of the Cold War between the Yooks and the Zooks in Dr. Seuss's The Butter Battle Book Part 7 Afterword Part 8 Bibliography


Earnest N. Bracey is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with more than twenty years of active service. Cuurently, he is Chair and Professor of Political Science at Jackson State University.
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