The Power of a Positive Mom

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Oktober 2006



2 Best-Selling, "Positively" Power-Packed Books in 1
There's an amazing power in the fourteen principles shared in this dynamic duo of a book. Seven time-tested principles from the "The Power of a Positive Mom" are perfect for stay-at-home and working moms alike; plus seven more life-changing principles from "The Power of a Positive Woman" will unlock the potential in any woman to be a positive influence in her world
In this two-for-one book you'll learn the power of your words and how to use them positively; you'll learn how your prayers, encouragement, attitude, and example can change your family forever; and you'll learn how to become a powerful force in your family, your church, your community, and your world. Become the positive "mom" and "woman" that you were created to be.


"Karol Ladd is one of the most positive women I know. I want to thank her for sharing her secrets for being a positive woman with us. I know the world will be powerfully influenced by women who read this book and begin to understand the satisfaction of positive living." Dr. Deborah Newman Author and Counselor, Meier New Life Clinics
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