Assessing Teacher Performance: Performance-Based Assessment in Teacher Education

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April 2006



This volume is designed to share elements of effective performance-based assessments (PBAs), examine the issues related to credibility of the evidence from PBAs, and to provide practical examples of _works in progress_ from initial licensure through advanced degree programs in teacher education.


Part 1 Part I: Overview of Performance Assessment Chapter 2 Performance Assessment in Perspective: History, Opportunities, and Challenges Chapter 3 A Performance Assessment System Chapter 4 Developing Credible Performance Assessments Part 5 Part II: Performance Assessment of Preservice Teacher Candidates Chapter 6 Course-Based Performance Assessments Chapter 7 Summative Performance Assessments Part 8 Part III: Performance of In-Service Teachers Chapter 9 Course-Based Performance Assessments for Advanced-Degree Work Chapter 10 Summative Portfolio Assessment Part 11 Part IV: Dispositions Chapter 12 Assessing Candidate Dispositions: A Work in Progress


Sharon Castle is associate professor of elementary education at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She has been heavily involved in research and development of Professional Development Schools and performance-based assessment of teacher candidates. She is a member of the NCATE Board of Examiners. Beverly D. Shaklee is a professor of curriculum & instruction and director of the Center for International Education at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She is well known for her work in performance assessment and gifted education, both in the United States and internationally.


Teacher education is a completely different world than it was a generation ago. Castle and Shaklee capture this transformation well, situate it with current examples, and raise important challenges for our consideration. Twenty-first century teachers must understand these critical issues in these critical times. -- Mark Girod, assistant professor, Western Oregon University This volume describes how faculty at George Mason U. developed and implemented a performance-based assessment program for their candidates in preparation for an NCATE 2000 accreditation visit. Reference and Research Book News Editors Castle and Shaklee have assembled an invaluable tool for teacher educators navigating the murky waters of teacher education accreditation. Recommended. CHOICE If there is such a thing as just in time reading, then this book delivers just that. Tcrecord [Assessing Teacher Performance] addresses a topic of much interest to institutions preparing for accreditation visits under NCATE 2000. Helpful suggestions about preservice teacher-education programs are available [in this book]. -- Dale P. Scannell, professor emeritus, Indiana University
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