The Impact of Politics in Local Education: Navigating White Water

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September 2006



This book will show administrators how to 'read' the political climate of a community, how to make meaning from the information, and how to proactively manage political issues in such a way that a stable school environment can be maintained.


Chapter 1 The Micropolitics of Education: Theory and Praxis Chapter 2 The Theoretical Construct: Political Indicators of School-Community Interactions Chapter 3 The Case Study-Winfield High School: The Beginning Chapter 4 The Principal's Reflection Chapter 5 Resources and Results Chapter 6 What Goes In and What Comes Out Chapter 7 The Principal's Reflection Chapter 8 The Perils of a Closed Decision-Making System Chapter 9 Storm Clouds Gather Over Winfield High School Chapter 10 The Principal's Reflection Chapter 11 The Four Facets of Politics Chapter 12 Turbulent Fields: Winfield High School Loses Stability Chapter 13 The Principal's Reflection Chapter 14 Conflict as a Strategic Maneuver Chapter 15 The Kraken Is Released Chapter 16 The Principal's Reflection Chapter 17 Dissatisfaction Theory Concluded Chapter 18 The Principal's Final Reflection: Lessons Learned Part 19 Epilogue: Maggie Alexander Today


Jane C. Owen, Ph.D. has devoted almost thirty years to the field of education at the public school and college levels. She currently teaches at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.


Quite possibly, Jane Owen has crafted a first: a book that reads like a novel but contains powerful lessons for each and every school administrator. As each chapter leads to the next, the reader will find it impossible to put this book down, waiting to see what happens next to Maggie. The implications for a book study for practicing administrators, a book review by the superintendent, or a textbook for aspiring administrators are endless. The very best, however, may be the wonderful indulgence of curling up with a book that will evoke joy and sorrow as you travel with Maggie on her journey. -- Karen Simpson, former deputy superintendent of Keller ISD, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas
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