Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Bridging the Gaps in Theory, Practice, and Policy

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Excellence in Teaching and Learning is a collaborative effort among education scholars that addresses the theory, practice, and policy gaps that have plagued classrooms for a long time. Divided into three parts, it focuses on practical strategies for teaching and learning in different subject areas and at all levels; provides research-based models for improving teacher quality; and addresses diversity within classrooms with regard to the requirements for achieving excellence.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Part I: Teaching and Learning Strategies Chapter 3 Bridging the Theory, Practice, And Policy Gap for Achieving Excellence in Teaching and Learning Chapter 4 O.D.E.S.: A Strategy for Effective Teaching and Learning in the Classroom Chapter 5 Online Incidental Learning and Instantaneous Information Sharing in Teacher Education Chapter 6 Strategies For Developing Collaborative Skills In Undergraduate and Graduate Teacher Education Programs Part 7 Part II: Research and Models For Improving Teacher Quality Chapter 8 Longitudinal Study: Effects of Action Research on Educators' Professional Growth Chapter 9 Follow the Teacher Leaders: The Potential of Teacher Leadership to Close the Achievement Gap Chapter 10 Infusing Technology to Increase Teachers' Comfort Level and Likelihood of Use Chapter 11 Preservice Teachers' Knowledge Development in Reading Instruction Chapter 12 Measuring the Gap between Knowledge and Teaching: The Development of the Mathematics Teaching Profile (MTP) Part 13 Part III: Diversity, Teaching, And Learning Chapter 14 "Can You Spare Some Social Change?" Preparing New Teachers to Teach Social Justice in Times of Educational Reform and Standardized Curriculum Chapter 15 Integrating Multicultural Themes with Content Area Subjects Chapter 16 Teaching In Diverse Classroom: Facts, Fiction, and Aspirations


Adnan Salhi is associate professor of teacher education at Henry Ford College in Michigan. He has taught language arts, math, science, and foreign languages in K-12 schools for more than 30 years.


With the changes in accountability, I realized that the work of the principal would never be the same. This publication has confirmed that notion. Now, I know exactly what I need to do to move nearer to closing the achievement gap in my district-prepare teacher leaders. -- Thomas G. Maridada, superintendent, Inkster Public Schools, Inkster, Michigan This practical and timely book offers useful information that challenges us all to rethink the educational models and experiences that teacher leaders, as well as traditional educational leaders, can benefit from while enrolled in college and university programs. -- Mary L. Otto, dean, School of Education and Human Services, Oakland University It is imperative that teacher preparation programs develop and then expect teachers to seek and accept leadership roles and responsibilities. [Contributors] Morehead and Sledge contend that teacher leaders are one requisite ingredient to slowing current and stopping future achievement gaps in our schools. -- Dyanne M. Tracy, professor and chair, Department of Teacher Development and Educational Studies, Oakland University
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