Making a Difference: Leadership and Academic Libraries

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Leadership is separate from, but integral to, management. However, much of the literature on LIS leadership represents a distilled application of principles and practices borrowed from other disciplines, with few reports of research from the library field. Conceived as a companion to The Next Library Leadership (Libraries Unlimited, 2003), Making a Difference includes not only a discussion of effective attributes, but of issues central to the development of leadership qualities, strategies, and dispositions. Essential reading for anyone interested in advancing the quality of leadership within LIS, particularly academic librarians in or aspiring to positions of "managerial leadership."


PETER HERNON is Professor at Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, where he teaches courses on government information policy and resources, evaluation of information services, research methods, and academic librarianship. NANCY ROSSITER is an assistant professor at Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, where she teaches management classes, including principles of management, contemporary management theory, marketing the library and information entrepreneurship.


"It is thought-provoking; it assembles a rich set of references and resources from general leadership theory. It has some extremely thorough and well written chapters and surveys. It is rigorous in its approach and descriptions . . . And above all it makes one think." - Library Review
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