Teaching Global Literacy Using Mnemonics

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Have you ever wanted to think of a way for your students to remember world capitals or the rivers in a certain region? Joan Ebbesmeyer's new book, Teaching Global Literacy Using Mnemonics, will help you do that and teach the national geography standards as well. The book is divided into sections by continents. Each section has a short introduction, suggested annotated reading lists of picture and chapter books to motivate student interest in that geographic area and a mnemonic sentence, rhyme or story that will help students remember the makeup of the country or continent discussed.


"Ebbesmeyer, a retired teacher now at Missouri Baptist U., explains how to teach world geography using mnemonics. Her additional aims are to help teachers educate students about cultural differences, global facts, using critical and creative thinking, and to strengthen reading. Chapters are organized by continent and connected to the US National Geography Standards. They include annotated lists of picture and chapter books, maps, sample activities and reproducible worksheets, and stories linking mnemonics." - Reference & Research Book News
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