Research and Reflection

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August 2006



This book is designed to encourage and support in-service and pre-service teachers who want to conduct classroom-based
action research about literacy teaching and learning. It can be used by individuals, small groups, or in education courses that
include action research projects. The aim of the text is to facilitate active engagement in the process of action research. Comprehensive
explanations of various research methods and approaches are not included; the content is pragmatic and provides
the novice researcher with a solid, experience-based foundation for developing research knowledge and skills. It is hoped that
readers, upon completing this text, will continue learning about and conducting action research, honing their skills and increasing
their knowledge. Additional resources for further development are included in the final chapter of the book.


Preface.; Foreword by Mark Conley, Michigan State University.; Action Research: Purpose and Benefits.; Observe: Identify an Area of Interest.; Reflect: Formulate Questions.; Plan: Plan Investigation.; Act: Collect Data.; Observe: Identify Patterns in Data.; Reflect: Interpret Data.; Plan: Plan Changes.; Act: Implement Changes.; Quality Action Research: Transformation and Equity.; References.
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