Time to Pay

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Damien Daniels has been murdered - shot through the chest by an unseen marksman. It looks like a professional job but there are no clues as to who pulled the trigger. The only witness to the shooting, Gideon Blake, is unable to provide any information that would help the police. However, a cryptic list he later discovers hidden amongst the dead man's possessions warns of a dark and terrible conspiracy. Disturbed by his findings, Gideon soon finds himself drawn deeper into the mystery, one that he must solve before the marksman targets his next victim...


Lyndon Stacey is the bestselling author of Cut Throat, Blindfold, Deadfall and Outside Chance. She lives in the Blackmore Vale.


"Praise for Lyndon Stacey:" "A guaranteed winner" Frances Fyfield "Lively, absorbing... the reader has a very good time" Gerald Kaufman, Scotsman "Stacey is a highly original author... she certainly knows how to deliver an invigorating experience for the reader" Good Book Guide "Stirring and entertaining" Crime Time
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