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November 2006



Offers an account of critical debates around the idea of performativity. This work also traces the history of the concept through the work of influential theorists. It examines the implications of performativity for fields such as literary and cultural theory, philosophy, performance studies, and the theory of gender and sexuality.


Introduction 1. From the Performative to the Speech Act: J.L. Austin 2. Philosophy and Ordinary Language: Austin and Cavell 3. A General Theory of Speech Acts: Searle 4. Speech Acts, Fiction and Deconstruction: Searle, Fish and Derrida 5. Performativity, Iterability and Politics: Derrida and De Man 6. Being Performative: Butler 7. Performativity and Performance Theory


James Loxley is senior lecturer in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of several books and articles on seventeenth century drama and poetry and on literary theory and philosophy.

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