Jouissance as Ananda: Indian Philosophy, Feminist Theory, and Literature

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April 2006



Jouissance as Ananda seeks to resolve the often-problematic Western concept of the ego by proposing a cross-cultural theory of consciousness that draws on Indian philosophy. Author Ashmita Khasnabish uses the Indian concept of ananda to advance Irigaray's theory of jouissance and offers a re-reading of jouissance from an Indian cross-cultural psychoanalytic point of view.


Chapter 1 Jouissance as Ananda (Bliss) Chapter 2 Radha's Jouissance Chapter 3 Body in Transcendence: Jouissance and Kali Chapter 4 Women in the East and Women in the West Chapter 5 The Ascent and the Descent: Irigaray and Brennan Through Indian Philosophy Chapter 6 Jouissance and Ananda in Joyce Chapter 7 Ego and its Transcendence in Tagore's The King of the Dark Chamber Chapter 8 Is Jouissance Writing or Love? Chapter 9 The Mistress of Spices: Love on the Spiritual and the Corporeal Planes


Ashmita Khasnabish received a Ph.D in English Literature from Bowling Green State University and has taught at Algonquin College, Bentley College and Quincy College. She is currently a visiting scholar at Brown University Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, and teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.


Jouissance as Ananda is a tour de force that delivers on all of the major issues suggested by its title. The masterful analyses of Irigaray and Brennan alone make this work an important contribution to feminist theory. But in conjunction with the equally masterful analyses of Aurobindo and Tagore, Ashmita Khasnabish has succeeded in creating a space around the ego in which East and West have taken significant steps closer to each other. -- Paget Henry, Brown University Admirable both for its scope and creative interpretations, Jouissance As Ananda is a landmark in the scholarship of psychoanalysis, philosophy, feminist theory, and literature. Its interdisciplinary and cross-cultural analysis of ego-transcendence should interest a wide audience of international scholars sensitive to Ashmita Khasnabish's mastery of Indian and Western intellectual thought. South Asian Review This study is a groundbreaking analysis critiquing Western psychoanalysis from the author's own unique Indian philosophical and psychoanalytical background. This juxtaposition of concepts results in a work of great insight, clarity, and focus. -- Teresa Brennan, Florida Atlantic University
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