Swimming Against the Stream: Creating Your Business and Making Your Life

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Januar 2007



Waterstone's was one of the three most financially successful business start-ups of the 1980s and, culturally, may be considered to have changed the complexion and scale of bookselling in the British isles and Europe. This massive success is in no small way due to Tim Waterstone's excellent business practices and belief that business can work for the good of the community. In this book, he shares his top ten rules for creating businesses and making lives, using real-life case studies of how businesses succeed, and also how they can fail. It is essential reading for anyone with a dream of starting up alone.


Tim Waterstone opened the first Waterstone's bookshop in 1982. By 2003 the company had grown to become the UK's leading specialist bookseller, trading from almost 200 high street and academic campus shops across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Tim also dedicates much time to charitable organisations and the arts.

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