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In reading history, students engage in cognitive processes of learning, test processing and reasoning. This volume touches on each of these cognitive problems, centred on an in-depth study of college students' text learning and extended to broader issues of text understanding.


Contents: Preface, Stories, Causal Models, and Historical Literacy. Causal Analysis in History. Part I: The Acquisition Story. The Learning Study: Goals and Methods. Learning from the Texts. Reasoning About the Canal. Individual Learners and Reasoners. Part II: The Return Controversy. Learning and Reasoning About the 1977 Treaties Controversy. Reasoning About a Hypothetical Scenario. Conclusions and Implications. Beyond Story Learning. Appendices: Motifs, Events, and States of the Acquisition of the Panama Canal. The Neutral Texts Used in Part 1. Opinion Statements. Short Summaries Following Congressman X's Text (Part 1). Robbie's Long Summaries Showing Learning of Treaty Information (Part 1). Student's Long Summaries in Part 2.
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