Flow Shop Lot Streaming

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August 2007



This book discusses the process of "Lot Streaming" and how it can significantly improve the overall performance of a production process, and thereby, make the operation of a manufacturing system lean. It provides a complete introduction to the Flow Shop Lot Streaming Problem and provides a historical perspective. It further
presents algorithms for a variety of lot streaming problems with numerical illustrations for ease of understanding and implementation.


to the Lot Streaming Problem.- Generic Mathematical Models for the Flow Shop Lot Streaming Problem.- Two-Machine Lot Streaming Models.- Three-Machine Lot Streaming Models.- m-Machine Lot Streaming Models.- Concluding Remarks.


From the reviews:
"This book is devoted to a ... topic of flow shop lot-streaming. ... The book consists of five chapters. ... The book will be suitable for researchers and post-graduate students in scheduling and/or operations management interested in combining scheduling with various logistics decisions ... as well as for practitioners who work in mass production and need advanced methods for the production planning at the shop flow level." (Vitaly A. Strusevich, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1138 (16), 2008)
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