Knowing Art

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Artworks potentially convey two kinds of knowledge. They obviously afford knowledge of art itself, and they also afford general empirical knowledge, especially knowledge of human psychology and value. Knowing Art collects ten original essays written by leading philosophers who distill and build upon recent work at the intersection of aesthetics and epistemology. Specific topics addressed include the objectivity of critical knowledge, the quality of critical testimony, the roles of principles and perception in critical reasoning, phenomenal knowledge of what a work of art is like, the acquisition of factual information and psychological understanding from fictions, and the limits of images as sources of historical evidence. In addressing these topics, the volume also explores the challenges that art poses for theories of knowledge as well as the challenges that artistic knowledge poses to traditional views about art.


Knowing Through Art.- Knowing Content in the Visual Arts.- Pictures, Knowledge, and Power: The Case of T. J. Clark.- Narrating the Truth (More or Less).- Fiction and Psychological Insight.- Art and Modal Knowledge.- Charley's World: Narratives of Aesthetic Experience.- Knowing About Art.- Really Bad Taste.- Solving the Puzzle of Aesthetic Testimony.- Critical Compatibilism.- Critical Reasoning and Critical Perception.


" [...] a variety of articles which reaffirm the cognitive character of art from diverse perspectives, among which they emphasize clearly the notion of art as a powerful tool in the realm of modal knowledge."
Sixto J. Castro in Estudios Filosóficos 164, 2008 (translated from Spanish)
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