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Drayton Bird's Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing needs no introduction to marketers and direct marketers. It is not only seen as the authority on direct marketing execution, but is also widely appreciated for its engaging, no-nonsense style. The latest edition takes the book into new territory - the field of digital marketing. It gives the marketer the tools, techniques and structure needed to produce effective and profitable marketing across the direct marketing spectrum -from simple letter to focused web-based campaigns. For anyone involved in direct marketing, from junior marketer to senior manager, this book provides not just the structure for success but also an energising insight into the techniques behind some of the world's most successful direct marketing campaigns.


Chapter - 01: Beginnings Chapter - 02: The Three Graces of Direct Marketing Chapter - 03: Direct Marketing Can Do More Than You Think Chapter - 04: How to Get Started Chapter - 05: Positioning and Other Mysteries Explained Chapter - 06: How to Plan Well Chapter - 07: Media: A Different, More Flexible Approach Chapter - 08: Digital Marketing: The Internet and E-mail Chapter - 09: Your Greatest Asset Chapter - 10: Where Ideas Come From and How to Express Them Persuasively Chapter - 11: How to Make Your Creative Work Virtually Foolproof Chapter - 12: How to Test - and Evaluate Your Results Chapter - 13: Testing Versus Research - and Other Matters Chapter - 14: How to Choose Your Agency - and When to Do Without One Chapter - 15: Client and Agency: the Unequal Partnership Chapter - 16: The Future of Marketing: Ten Predictions - and a Health Warning Chapter - 017: Index


“A combination of updating and amplification, which should allow this work to retain its pre-eminent position as a comprehensive ‘cookbook’ on how to make direct marketing work, in all its manifestations.” "You will never find this book on a proper marketer’s coffee table – because it will be far too dog-eared from the constant use by anyone who is interested in serious direct marketing." Argent (Jnl of the Financial Services Forum) Autumn 2007 "When it comes to direct (and digital) marketing, Drayton Bird is the man. At £24.95 this is the bargain book of the century. At £249.50 it would still be a bargain. A top seller for 25 years, this is the definitive tome on the subject." "Drayton knows more than anyone else about the topic, he is a very good writer and he is brutally honest." "Virtually a degree course in direct marketing and any reader would do well to treat it as such." IOD Hertfordshire, Dec 2007
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