M4 Sherman at War

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Inside the workhorse American tank of WWII--with the war stories of those who experienced the M4 Sherman firsthand, as well as detailed diagrams and mechanical information.


Michael Green is a freelance writer, researcher, and photographer who specializes in military, transportation, and law enforcement subjects, with more than fifty books to his credit. In addition, he has written numerous articles for a variety of national and international military-related magazines.
James D. Brown served twenty years in the U.S. Army as an armor officer, with secondary specialty in research and development. His active duty service includes a four-year tour as an assistant professor of engineering at the United States Military Academy, where he taught combat vehicle design and automotive engineering.


"Midwest Book Review, " May 2007"Military specialty libraries strong on World War II won't want to miss "M4 Sherman at War "... a fascinating, involving read."
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