The Causes, Course and Outcomes of World War Two

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November 2006



In the longer perspective, even the most momentous events can appear to lose coherence and significance. However, such was the impact of World War Two that even more than sixty years after its end, interest in the origins, course and consequences of the war continues to increase and generate debate.

In this essential introductory guide, John Plowright casts a critical eye over the mass of literature that surrounds the conflict, focusing on key topics such as:

- Nazi foreign policy and appeasement
- the Fall of France
- Operation Barbarossa and the Allied strategic bombing offensive
- the impact of the war on Britain's international position and on American society
- the movement towards European integration.

This timely book provides an approachable synthesis of the scholarship relating to the causes, course and outcomes of the Second World War. It is ideal for all those in danger of drowning in the ocean of print on the subject and who wish to gain an understanding of the central issues and debates.


Acknowledgements.- Preface.- Introduction.- Nazi Foreign Policy.- Appeasement.- The Fall of France.- Great Britain Alone.- The Eastern Front.- The Strategic Bombing Offensive Against Germany.- The Holocaust.- The Pacific War.- The Second World War and the Cold War.- The German Question.- The Impact of World War Two on Great Britain and its Empire.- The Impact of World War Two on the United States.- Notes.- Select Bibliography.- Index.


JOHN PLOWRIGHT was former Head of History, and is currently Master of the Scholars, at Repton School, UK. His previous publications include The Routledge Dictionary of Modern British Political History.


'This is an effective introduction to the issues surrounding World War II that has much to offer both to sixth formers and to undergraduates. Clearly written and well-organised...' - Professor Jeremy Black, The Historical Association 'a remarkable achievement in summarizing such a complicated area of world history' - Martin Thornton, History
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