Field Guide to Seafood: How to Identify, Select, and Prepare Virtually Every Fish and Shellfish at the Market

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There's more to seafood than lobster tails and fried calamari. Today's supermarkets are stocked with a bounty of delicious and delightful choices everything from salmon and snow crabs to oysters, barnacles, and even sea cucumbers! But you don't need a degree in marine biology to make sense of it all just "Field Guide to Seafood." Award-winning chef Aliza Green explains everything you need to know about different kinds of seafood, fish, and prepared fish: how to select them, prepare them, serve them, and more, with a recipe for every one. Beautiful full-color photography depicts carp, catfish, clams, eel, squid, and more than 100 other swimmers. Don't buy seafood without it!


"Don't know your flounder from your halibut? Here's the book you need."--"Relish "magazine
"Any cook with a pledge to get smarter about consuming sea creatures ought to have Aliza Green's new palm-size paperback in hand."--"The Washington Post"
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