The Aviator's Guide to Navigation

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November 2006



Improve Your Piloting Skills with Today's Best Navigation Guide-Now Updated with the Latest Cockpit Technology and Tools!
The Aviator's Guide to Navigation has been revised and updated to equip experienced pilots and aviation students with a complete tutorial on modern navigation systems. From the basics of dead reckoning to the most advanced "glass cockpit" EFIS systems, the Fourth Edition of this comprehensive guide explains the full range of air navigation innovations, covering all the new technologies and tools that have emerged in the past ten years.
Readers will find valuable new material on distance measuring equipment (DME), long-range navigation, and The Next Generation Navigation System. Filled with a wealth of detailed illustrations, the Fourth Edition of The Aviator's Guide to Navigation features:
  • A highly readable tutorial on navigation fundamentals
  • Expert information on cutting-edge navigation tools and technologies that are changing how pilots fly
  • New to this edition: New information on GPS navigation and flight management systems, distance measuring equipment, area navigation, critical fuel scenarios, and international operations
Everything a Pilot Needs to Know About Navigation
. Pilotage and Dead Reckoning . VOR Navigation Fundamentals . Distance Measuring Equipment . VOR/DME Navigation . VOR/DME Area Navigation . NDB Navigation . Ground-Based Radar Navigation . Instrument Approaches . Principles of Global Navigation . Loran-C . Inertial Navigation Systems . GPS Navigation . Long-Range and Over-Water Navigation . Non-Radar Navigation . Flight Management Systems . The Next Generation Navigation System . Appendixes


<H3>Chapter 1. Pilotage and Dead Reckoning<H3>Chapter 2. VOR Navigation Fundamentals<H3>Chapter 3. Distance Measuring Equipment<H3>Chapter 4. VOR/DME Navigation<H3>Chapter 5. VOR/DME Area Navigation<H3>Chapter 6. NDB Navigation<H3>Chapter 7. Ground-Based Radar Navigation<H3>Chapter 8. Instrument Approaches<H3>Chapter 9. Principles of Global Navigation<H3>Chapter 10. Loran-C Navigation<H3>Chapter 11. Inertial Navigation Systems<H3>Chapter 12. Satellite Navigation<H3>Chapter 13. Long-Range and Overwater Navigation<H3>Chapter 14. Nonradar Navigation<H3>Chapter 15. Flight Management Systems<H3>Chapter 16. The Next Generation Air Navigation System<H4>APPENDIX A: DOCUMENT SOURCES<H4>APPENDIX B: AERONAUTICAL CHART SOURCES<H4>APPENDIX C: ABBREVIATIONS<H4>GLOSSARY<H4>INDEX


Donald J. Clausing (San Francisco, CA) is a contributing writer for many aviation magazines, including Flying, Professional Pilot, AOPA Pilot, and Plane and Pilot. He is the author of three previous editions of the Aviator's Guide to Navigation.
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